It’s MY Nutshell

26 years, stubborn, animal och plant LOVER, also loves photographing. Welcome in to read about my days!

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Satisfied Plants!

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Another sunny day!

To be honest, I love this warm weather! I mean it’s so nice to see the flowers growing and the sun shining bright, the wind blowing softly! Today I actually took myself a walk this morning, it was so nice. Plenty of people out walking. Their dogs as well so I got to pet aContinue reading “Another sunny day!”

Another day!

Just what I’ve done today basically.. just sit and chill in the sun. My lovely fiance just left for work and I’m watching YouTube and installing Sims 4. And I keep waiting for my call from Morrisons, hopefully I’ll get the job! Anyhow it’s just a small update, as I said the other day it’sContinue reading “Another day!”

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